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Carilion MyChart Login: Securely View Your Medical Records Online


Carilion MyChart Login: Everything You Need to Know

Carilion Clinic is a non-profit healthcare organization serving western Virginia. It offers a wide range of services to its patients, including primary care, specialty care, and emergency care. To enhance patient care and convenience, Carilion Clinic has introduced MyChart, an online portal that allows patients to access their medical records, communicate with their healthcare providers, and manage their health online. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Carilion MyChart Login.

What is Carilion MyChart?

Carilion MyChart is an online patient portal that provides patients with secure, convenient access to their personal health information. With MyChart, patients can view their medical records, test results, medications, and immunizations. They can also communicate with their healthcare providers, request appointments, renew prescriptions, and pay bills.

How to Register for Carilion MyChart?

To use Carilion MyChart, patients must first register for an account. Here are the steps to register for Carilion MyChart:

Step 1: Visit the Carilion MyChart website: To start the registration process, go to the Carilion MyChart website at

Step 2: Click on “Sign Up Now”: On the MyChart homepage, click on the “Sign Up Now” button.

Step 3: Verify your identity: On the next page, you will need to verify your identity. You can do this by entering your first and last name, date of birth, and social security number.

Step 4: Enter your contact information: After you have verified your identity, you will need to enter your contact information, including your email address and home address.

Step 5: Create your MyChart account: Finally, you will need to create your MyChart account by choosing a username and password.

How to Login to Carilion MyChart?

Once you have registered for Carilion MyChart, you can log in to your account anytime, anywhere. Here are the steps to login to Carilion MyChart:

Step 1: Visit the Carilion MyChart website: To start the login process, go to the Carilion MyChart website at

Step 2: Enter your MyChart username and password: On the MyChart homepage, enter your username and password in the designated fields.

Step 3: Click on “Sign In”: Once you have entered your username and password, click on the “Sign In” button to access your Carilion MyChart account.

What are the Benefits of Carilion MyChart?

Carilion MyChart offers many benefits to patients. Here are some of the benefits of using Carilion MyChart:

Access to Medical Records: With Carilion MyChart, patients can access their medical records anytime, anywhere. They can view their test results, medications, allergies, and immunizations.

Communication with Healthcare Providers: Carilion MyChart allows patients to communicate with their healthcare providers online. They can send and receive messages, ask questions, and request appointments.

Convenience: Carilion MyChart is available 24/7, which means patients can manage their health anytime, anywhere. They can also request prescription refills and pay bills online.

Secure and Private: Carilion MyChart is a secure and private platform that protects patients’ personal health information. Patients can be assured that their medical records are kept confidential and only accessible to authorized healthcare providers.

Mobile Access: Patients can access Carilion MyChart from their mobile devices using the MyChart mobile app. This makes it easy to manage their health on the go.

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